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Rental Service

Ethio Clean Care connects tenants with rental properties. These services work with landlords and property managers to advertise available apartments and screen potential tenants. Apartment rental services may offer additional services to tenants, such as help with lease negotiations, rental applications, and maintenance requests. Landlords can benefit from these services by having access to a wider pool of potential tenants and help managing the rental process. Overall, apartment rental services can simplify the process of finding a new apartment for tenants and help landlords fill vacant rental properties more efficiently.

Cleaning Service

Ethio Clean Care provides cleaning and sanitizing services to various clients. These services can range from basic house cleaning to specialized cleaning services for commercial or industrial spaces. Cleaning services often use specialized equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitation. Hiring a cleaning service can help individuals and businesses maintain a clean and healthy environment, even in areas that are difficult to clean or require specialized cleaning techniques.

Security Service

Ethio Clean Care provides various security and protection services to clients. These services can range from risk assessment and security consulting to security systems installation and event security. Security services often employ advanced technology and security measures to help clients protect their assets, property, and people from various risks. Hiring a security service can provide a sense of safety and security for individuals and businesses, and can be especially helpful in high-risk situations or areas where security is a top priority.

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